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Introduction Introduction of Akbar - - 4 mins

Conquests and expansion Military conquests of Akbar - SuccessCDS Education - 2014 - 4 mins

Administration Administration during Akbar's reign - SuccessCDS Education - 2014 - 4 mins

Bairam Khan Akbar's guardian during early years: Bairam Khan - Indian Diplomacy - 2011 - 5 mins

Ideas on religion Akbar's idea on religious tolerance - BBC - 3 mins

Nine gems Nine gems of Akbar's court - - 1 mins

Monuments built by Akbar Story of monuments built by Akbar and later mughal emperors - - 30 mins

Key aspects Key aspects of Akbar's reign - Vinay Lal - 2012 - 42 mins The discussion starts at time of 5th minute in this video

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