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British Rule in India


Overview Overview of East India company rule in India - marysgetz - 2011 - 7 mins

Establishment Establishment of East India Company in India 1612-1757 - Unacademy - 2012 - 9 mins

Territorial expansion Expansion of East India Company in late 18th century - Unacademy - 2012 - 9 mins

Battle of plassey Factors and outcome of the Battle of plassey - Edurite - 2015 - 3 mins

Anglo Mysore wars Anglo Mysore Wars and conquest of Mysore 1766-1799 - Edurite - 2013 - 4 mins Wars with Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan of Mysore

Anglo Maratha wars Anglo Maratha wars and conquest of Marathas 1772-1819 - Edurite - 2013 - 3 mins

Expansion in 19th century Expansion of East India Company in 19th century - Edurite - 2015 - 5 mins

Revolt of 1857 Factors for the revolt of 1857 and its spread - JeetoBharat - 2013 - 9 mins

British outlook British interests and outlook towards its empire in India - BBC TWO - 4 mins

Brief overview Brief overview of British rule in India - Discovery education - 14 mins

Key aspects - Arrival Key aspects of arrival of British East India Company - Vinay Lal - 2012 - 52 mins

Key aspects - Expansion Key aspects of expansion of British East India Company - Vinay Lal - 2012 - 49 mins

Consolidation and impact Story of consolidation of British rule through historical monuments - - 32 mins

Founding history History of foundation of East India company during the 18th century - - 30 mins

Revolt of 1857 The great revolt of 1857 - Films Division - 20 mins

Glimpses Glimpses of British empire in India in 20th century - - 28 mins The video narrates experience of British officers and servants posted in India during the 19th century

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