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Geography Geography of China and its influence on its history - STRATFORvideo - 2014 - 2 mins China's geography as the historical driver of its expanding and contracting boundaries emanating from the Han core

Basic numbers China: Country facts and data points - TOSHIBA - 2012 - 2 mins

Urban migration Urban migration in China - The Economist - 2011 - 4 mins

History Summary of Chinese history over past 5000 years - Chris Parker - 2014 - 18 mins Brief introduction to Chinese history in chronological order

Overview Introductions to China's history, traditions and culture - Discovery education - 23 mins Informative Video regarding China's history, traditions, and culture

Establishment History History of China from 1911 to 1949 - Khan Academy - 2013 - 11 mins Chinese Civil War and the establishment of Communist State

Tourism Travel guide to China - Expoza Travel - 2013 - 52 mins Detailed guide to various tourist destinations in China

Modern History History of revolution and government in China in 20th Century - - 113 mins

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