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Alphabet: Restructuring Google's restructuring to create Alphabet - TechCrunch - 2015 - 2 mins

New CEO: Sundar Pichai Who is Sundar Pichai, Google's New CEO? - CNN - 2015 - 4 mins

Founding How Google started - BBC - 3 mins Story of how google was founded and how it invented a way to make money

Future projects Futristic projects from Google - CBS This morning - 2014 - 3 mins

Office perks Google office perks and research behind it - BBC - 4 mins How Google analyzes it office perks to promote productivity

Products timeline Timelines of various products and services launched till 2011 - think with google - 2011 - 2 mins

Overview Inside Google - National Geographic - 45 mins Various aspects of Google today and why it’s corporate philosophy and attitude is so unique among major companies today

History History of internet search and Google - Discovery Science - 44 mins History of searching the internet and how ultimately Google succeeded over its precursors

Acquistions and Future project Recent acquistions and futuristic projects from Google - ColdfusTion - 2014 - 13 mins

Founders Story of Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin - Bloomberg Business - 2014 - 26 mins Their amazing journey from meeting at Stanford to taking Google to great heights

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