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Geography Geographical regions of the United States - Discovery education - 3 mins

Basic numbers United States basic facts and data points - Toshiba - 2012 - 3 mins

Demographic future Brief report on projected future demographics - AFN news - 2008 - 2 mins

Territorial history History of Territorial Expansion of the United States - - 3 mins History of territorial expansion from original 13 english colonies to current formation of 50 states

Constitutional history History of Constitution of the United States of America - RBE Libraray - 4 mins

Modern challenges Various modern challenges of United States - - 4 mins

History United States History overview - LittleBillysWorld - 2012 - 26 mins A series of photos with narration that includes important historic events

Geography Geography of United States - Discovery education - 25 mins Maps, regions, resources, climate and people of United States

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